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Finances: Apply

See how to easily apply God’s Word to your situation—today.

When you put God's Word into practice, everything changes! In this section, you'll find real-life tools and applications that will help with your financial breakthrough.

Practical Resources To Get You Started

Kenneth Copeland Ministries believes and teaches that it is important for Christians to be debt free and walk in complete financial freedom.

VIDEO: Top 10 Debt-Freedom Strategies

Join Pastor George Pearsons and John Copeland for the top 10 proven, practical strategies you can use to receive freedom from debt!

18 Bible Verses That Can Change Your Finances

Here are 18 Bible verses that can change your finances. As you read, memorize and think about them, let them change the way you handle your finances!

I Need a New Car!

Read Gloria Copeland's testimony about how she and Kenneth believed for a new car.

Topics: Finances, Faith

Lord, Help My Finances!

If you are like 40% of American families, who spend more than they earn, you have probably spoken those words. Learn how to become debt free today.

Topics: Finances, Anxiety, Faith

Where Is God When You Need Money Quickly?

Take a look at three ways you can change the way you approach your money.

How Do I Attack My Credit-Card Debt?

Here are four strategies for living the debt-free life, and no matter where you are on your journey, you can live by them and experience financial freedom.

How to Get Out of Trouble

Here are eight steps to follow to get out of trouble, as outlined in Psalm 34.