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Courses by Topic: Foundational Teachings

How the Bible Can Change Your Life

The Bible is a book of controversy, mystery and life to its readers.  But is it more than that?  By the time you finish this five-lesson course, you’ll have no doubts: The Bible is ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Is the Bible True?
  2. What the Bible Contains
  3. The Purpose of the Bible
  4. How to Study the Bible
  5. God's Word Is for You to Use

The Holy Spirit

The moment you were born again, the Holy Spirit came to live in you, and He’s ready to comfort and guide you anytime day or night. These three lessons will increase your understanding of who the ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Who Is the Holy Spirit
  2. How the Holy Spirit Works
  3. Get What God Is Giving

The Beginners Guide to Christianity

How do I become a Christian? What about the infilling of the Holy Spirit? What should I expect when I read and study the Bible? These are all good questions, and you need answers, not only for ... more
Lessons Include
  1. How to Become a Christian
  2. How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit
  3. What Next?

What Happened When You Became a Believer

God rescued you from the curse, sin and death. He gave you the gift of His forgiveness, and He adopted you into His family with the right to use His Name! God is always with you to protect and care ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Rescued
  2. The Blood Covenant
  3. You Were Given the Name of Jesus
  4. Forgiven as if You Had Never Sinned
  5. God Lives in You

Authority of the Believer

One of the benefits of being a believer is that Jesus Christ shares His authority with you. Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth, and now, it’s available to you! Learn more about what you ... more
Lessons Include
  1. The Authority You Have in Christ
  2. Where Authority Comes From
  3. How to Exercise Your God-Given Authority

Jesus, the Name Above Every Name

According to God’s Word, the Name of Jesus is the most powerful Name available for our use. In Jesus’ Name we can pray and know that God hears us, in Jesus’ Name we can expect results and power ... more
Lessons Include
  1. The Position, Authority and Power of the Name of Jesus
  2. Ways to Use the Name of Jesus
  3. Living in Victory Using the Name of Jesus