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Kenneth Copeland Ministries 2016 Annual Report


Dear Partner,

We accomplished so much together in 2016— it was truly the Great Year! We have received testimony after testimony of how The LORD responded to your faith for the things you believed to come into your life—divine healing, restored relationships, supernatural increase and so much more! No doubt, many lives have been changed because you put your faith to work. Our God is faithful to give us victory after victory!

As you read through this year’s Covenant Partner Report, let your faith be brought up to a new level. He is always ready to join His faith with ours and bring the great and wonderful things of the Kingdom into our lives! Partner, we have been in this life-changing business of bringing the good news to people all over the world for almost 50 years! And as we head into 2017 celebrating 50 years of ministry, we ask you to continue locking arms with us in our ongoing call to train God’s people in His WORD so they can take hold of all He has for them. Our work is the most important work in the world, and together we are getting it done!

We look forward to 2017 being a year filled with fabulous outpourings from heaven as we have never known before. Grander and greater—that’s what He does and that’s what we preach to the world! We are so grateful to be doing all He has called us to do together—with you!

We love you and declare with you…


Kenneth & Gloria


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John Toth – I choose to Stand on the word of God

As a growing Christian attending Bible college, God put a hunger in my heart that I must be a “man of faith.” And he led me to the ministry of Kenneth Copeland. The BVOV broadcast became my school of faith as I watched the Copelands, learned how to study the Word, and heard the testimonies so often presented. Now I connect through the BVOV online network due to my travels, and continue growing into the man of faith God intends me to be.


BVOVN is a God idea Andrew Wommack

No matter when or where you tune in, you’ll hear the Word of God taught—uncompromised—with positive, 24/7 programming on healing, finances, relationships, finding peace and more.


For 30 years, the Copelands have trained me in the life of faith Diane Shaw

“I connected with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland first through their television ministry, then began to attend Believers’ Conventions. Since I learned the principles of God’s economy based on His Word, over the years I have experienced everything from God paying my taxes to His building my counseling career. The Copelands have trained me in the life of faith!”


Testimony from Toni and Victoria Mallory

In this video, Toni and Victoria Mallory share their powerful testimony at the KCM 2016 Living Victory meeting in Orlando, Fla. Victoria was experiencing complications with her pregnancy, and God was faithful to heal her as the couple put their faith in God.


The Power of Confessing The Word - Anthony Greco

As young Christians we set out to tell others about Jesus and began preaching the integrity of God’s Word. The gospel is good news and it is the power of God for salvation. We learned early on that we don’t pray the power down; rather we speak the power out! So we preach the gospel out and people are saved, delivered from addictions and sin, and healed of infirmities. We release God’s power to completely transform people’s lives.


Elaine’s Story (Disaster Relief)

With all of the recent storms in Texas, the ground has become over saturated with water. One morning while Elaine was asleep in bed, she was awakened by a cracking noise. Before she could react, the four ton tree next to her house collapsed and crushed her home from the roof, through the floor and to the frame of the house. If the tree had fallen just a few feet to the right it would have crushed her bedroom.


Kenneth Copeland Ministries Supports Abba House Orphanage

Jenny Kutz, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s granddaughter, shares her story about how God led her to open ABBA House, caring for children—spirit, soul and body.


2017 Uganda - Changing the world from generation to generation

2017 Reaction Tour visited Uganda to develop relationships with kids, teach them inner beauty, how to know God, to experience a Father's love, and enjoying God together. In this video you will hear testimonies of how these kids receive hope for the future, to step into their purpose and to change lives.